Respect for the Environment

Silos Bag

A long tradition of love for the land

Adaglio Sementi firmly believes in the respect for the environment.
Our company has always paid attention to environmental and eco-sustainable development issues. In our Declaration of Intent we state “our know-how is used in order to create products and services in the seed sector with high standards in terms of quality, safety and respect for the environment”. In fact, in 2009 we carried out the silo bags investment.

Innovative technique for seed storage: Silo Bags

Adaglio Sementi was one of the first companies in Italy to make investments in this innovative technique for seed storage. It is a method of storing cereals, characterized by a low environmental impact, which drastically reduces preservative chemical treatments and allows to stock barley/wheat and triticale inside these bags, with a maximum capacity of 2,500 quintals per bag. Silo bags are very common in Canada and Argentina. They have recently entered the Italian market.

The energy of the sun in order to supply quality with zero environmental impact

We select seeds aided by the sun!

Last July 2010 we achieved a very important goal: we realized a photovoltaic plant in order to cover our company’s energy needs by means of a system of photovoltaic cells system.
The photovoltaic solar power is an inexhaustible source of green energy, available to anyone. No noise, no waste products and non-pleasant odours!
“Since their origins, Adaglio Sementi have always been working with nature and for nature”.

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