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From ancient times until today seed processing has constantly been evolving. From manual seed selection and separation, we have now reached a highly sophisticated processing. By investing in technology and innovation, Adaglio Sementi achieved a technologically advanced seed selection and packaging plant that allows to select, using a single production line, 160 quintals of product per hour.

Quality certification by CON.VA.SE.

CON.VA.SE. certification
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For many years now Adagio Sementi have been renewing the certification issued by CON.VA.SE. (Consorzio per la Valorizzazione delle Sementi/ Consortium for the Valorisation of Seeds). This result has been achieved thanks to a special machine used for seed treatment: CIMBRIA HEID CC150, which allows to ensure accuracy in the application of fungicide quantities, enhancing the seed treatment characteristics. This important certification attests that our selected seed meets certain quality requirements and also that is produced in accordance with the specifications set forth by CON.VA.SE. Furthermore, this certifications controls seed treatment doses to be applied in relation to each cereal species. These two characteristics make Adaglio Sementi a leading company in the Piedmontese and Italian market.

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