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Established in April 1950 by Paolo Adaglio, Adaglio Sementi SRL has undergone constant modernization in order to supply the market with excellent products.
Originally in the centre of Oviglio, the modern and functional headquarter was moved to the outskirts in the early 1970s, a few kilometers from Alessandria, a strategic position in the so-called “Industrial Triangle” (Milan-Turin-Genoa). In addition to the main complex, where the production and the offices are located, the increased business volume made it necessary to realize a 3,500 sqm covered warehouse for the storage of products. (Continue...)

Respect for the Environment

Adaglio Sementi firmly believes in the respect for the environment. Our company has always paid attention to environmental and eco-sustainable development issues. (Continue...)

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Best/innovative seed selection

From ancient times until today seed processing has constantly been evolving. From manual seed selection and separation, we have now reached a highly sophisticated processing. (Continue...)